The elegantly hand-painted porcelain ware, as well as the skirts, dresses, capes and suits from Jeanette Gebauer’s Prêt-à-porter line are extraordinary.

None of these one-of-a-kind pieces are alike.

Both the porcelain ware and the articles of clothing are exclusive, handmade and limited editions.

Jeanette Gebauer has created each unique piece out of her love, desire and passion for beautiful things.

“I design and produce porcelain ware, as well as skirts, capes, suits and other articles of clothing that, were they to be had, I myself would buy.” (Jeanette Gebauer)

As a result, these products reflect a special attitude toward life and which offer an emotional added value: authenticity!

Allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing the newest Jeanette Gebauer creations at current trade fairs.

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