Porcelain Design

Jeanette Gebauer designs and paints the motifs on her porcelain ware. In a time-intensive process, the ink is baked into the glaze. Thus, these pieces are ideal for everyday use: they are dishwasher proof and weather-resistant .

As a retailer/reseller you have the option of combining colors and designs to suit your tastes and desires or those of your customers, providing you and your customers with one-of-a-kind objects.

Each piece of porcelain ware can be designed and manufactured to match table cloths, furnishings, or household decorations. In this way, retailers/resellers can offer clients a uniquely designed piece of art for which they can assure their customers singularity. The offer of hand-painted wall tiles as well as personalized porcelain ware offers interior designers and decorators and hotel keepers a wide range of design options.

Eastern & Spring


Summer & Sea


Fruit gardens




Wildlife & Hunting


Golf, Dancing & Wedding




Fall / Winter / Chrismas


One-of-a-kind pieces


Wall tiles


more themes


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