Designs are driven by the joy of color, form and cuts which turn heads.

"I am impressed with the fashions of the 50s, when people dressed femininely and with purpose." (Jeanette Gebauer)

Fabrics often stem from materials intended for home decorating. Due to the patterns and colors of these fabrics alone, the articles of clothing are true eye catchers.

The clothing should stimulate a desire to be wrapped in it. Every single piece carries in it a passion for beauty.

Jeanette Gebauer scouts out her fabrics during her travels and at international trade fairs.

"The moment I see a piece of fabric, the article of clothing I will design comes to my mind’s eye. I then have no peace until this vision becomes a reality." (Jeanette Gebauer)

Dressmakers in Germany convert these designs into clothing of high quality.

The respective collections of porcelain and fashion each have distinctive themes.

Surprise yourself! Following the presentation of Jeanette Gebauer’s wares at current trade fairs you can find the new collection here!

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